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What is integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine combines the most effective, natural forms of traditional medicine with the proven physical medicine techniques of chiropractic care and exercise rehab.


Our physical medicine department combines chiropractic care, exercise therapy, and nutritional recommendations to promote the body's natural, holistic healing process.

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Natural treatments for joint pain, bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women, and more.

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Auto Accident Medical Care

Neck and back pain, headaches and joint pain are common complaints following a car accident. Our integrative approach provides our patients with a one-stop-shop to quickly heal from car accident injuries.

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Success Stories

Real stories from real patients

chiropractic patient

Angela A.

Hip Pain

I suffered from intense hip pain for over a year while I was working as a CNA. I tried ice, heat and pain medications but I would still be limping half way through my work shift. Now, I can hike, run and walk without chronic pain or fear that my leg will give out.

chiropractic patient

Chuck S.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

I was dealing with sciatic nerve issues. I could not walk without limping and due to the pain I had to sleep on the floor for an entire year. I tried Ibuprofen and inserts. After treatment I could run pain free for the first time in two years. I've completely recovered and I've been a patient since 1997.

chiropractic patient

Jennifer M.


I finally felt as though I wasn't losing my mind. Someone listened to me, and now I have an explanation for the problems I have experienced. Thank you!!!

chiropractic patient

Cathy B.


After having my children, I developed debilitating migraines. They affected my ability to be involved in activities, to be reliable at work, at home and even my relationships. After regular chiropractic care, I rarely get headaches. I like being able to see all of the doctors because they all give a little different care and I appreciate the balance of variety.

chiropractic patient

Josh D.

Neck Pain

I had experienced head and neck pain since I was a child. I tried many types of pain relievers to help with the pain. I missed out on many special events with family and friends. My sister suggested that I try Chiropractic. It changed my life!

chiropractic patient

Chandler Family


Our family of 5 was struggling with everything from migraines to chronic sickness. We had been trying tons of antibiotics and Tylenol with no success. We have had vast improvements in our health. We love your office!

chiropractic patient

Rebecca L.

Neck Pain and Headaches

For the past 8 years I have suffered from sleepless nights due to my neck pain and headaches. I tried a lot of sleep-aids and therapies and finally decided to try chiropractic. I am finally sleeping through the night, my headaches are gone and my other affected areas are better too.

chiropractic patient

Toni K.


I felt less and less able to be active without pain. I used a lot of over the counter medications and made frequent trips to the doctor and physical therapist with little relief. My family was becoming concerned as well. After chiropractic care I was able to be an "active retired senior." I am so appreciative of this team of doctors and the front desk receptionists have always been welcoming and friendly.

chiropractic patient

Marti J.

Back Pain

I have had back problems for 30 years. I broke my back when I was 30 and again when I was 49. Just walking caused extreme pain. I tried back injections and prescription drugs but the pain continued to the point where I needed to stop working. The care provided here has been very personable, they call me by my name and the doctors are very knowledgeable. I am currently off of all the medications I was on and I am feeling better!

chiropractic patient

Jeanette H.

Sciatica Pain

I have had a history of sciatica that was so painful I was unable to walk, sit, or stand. A dear friend of mine suggested I try this office. The results have been AMAZING!

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